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11420 Browntown Road
Kennedyville, MD 21645
Toll Free: 888-348-5135
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Services & Equipment


45 ft. and 48 ft.

48 ft.

Wire-side Flatbeds
Options include tarps, sides, and straps. Options include tarps, sides, and straps.

Dry Vans
53 ft.

40 ft.

45 ft. and 48 ft.
Optional pallet jack. Optional deck shelving and pallet exchange.

Commodities Hauled
We haul a variety of commodities, including—but not limited to:

Agricultural Commodities Produce Nursery Cargo Refrigerated Freight Aggregate
Loose and bagged grain (cotton seed, bakery meal, corn, barley, wheat and soybeans)

Feed for cattle and chicken

Organic commodities
String beans, sweet corn, peas, lima beans and more... Trees of all sizes, shrubs, potted plants, roses and more... Fresh and frozen foods